Flawless Garage Solution


Use your repository to its full potential with our beautiful metal garage cages. We offer many ways to set up, pallets and market cages to store your sales and items efficiently and effectively. Our warehouse solution is solid, sturdy, compact and compact, making it an ideal choice in Australia to transport goods or set up a full warehouse. Keeping tires in your business can be a daunting task. It is not an easy task that they immerse themselves in a lot of valuable garage areas, but they are also at risk of injury while now they are no longer well maintained. Ensuring your tires stay clean requires strong racking management. With our tire pallets and tires, you can always keep your tires clean and safe. It requires little maintenance, is specially designed to fit your garage needs and is very clean to use. Choose from metal cages with sliding doors or 1/2 open doors for easy access to tires, optional metal locks that lock for extra protection, in addition to the rack wheels that will be used as metal cages.

Easily manage your warehouse with beautiful metal cages and planks for storing tires

An organized warehouse will no longer be able to store more sales, people may be able to find and deliver products in and out of the shed without effort, which enhances the normal productivity of your retail business. Choose from our types of warehouse storage solutions on the market, built with amazing Excel spreadsheet and covered with extra protection powder. They are available in a variety of sizes and can allow multi-level packaging to enhance the capacity of your garage. To ensure that our stainless steel cages will fit snugly, they can also be customized to fit your garage needs. It is important that any gas bottle cage you have is stored outside. If you do not have an outdoor space, be sure to keep it in an airtight container. If you do not have a suitable place to do this, you should consider alternating alternatives to gasoline and a garage and ask a relative or neighbor to keep your gas bottles for commitment. If you fail to keep your gas bottles properly, then you will certainly be at risk of getting a twist of the end or death due to gas leaks. Most of our gas bottle cages and cabinets will be fitted with Excel Steel or a variety of powder-covered ingredients but please contact us if you have a special requirement that is not always mentioned on our website. A secure gas bottle cage is very easy to have in Excel Steel.

At Excel Steel, we also provide carpark garage cages, garage tubes and palettes, donation drums, center area features and market-related additives throughout Australia. Contact us at 1800 765 768 to inquire about our warehouse storage solution or publish the type of query and our excited team of staff will be returned to you as soon as possible.