What Is The Best Way To Trim The Hedges?

Often the terms pruning and terming is used alternatively but hedge trimming in Mornington Peninsula is different from pruning of various kind of branches and shrubs. The basic purpose that the hedge provide is the privacy. The hedge is made in such a way that it provides a cover therefore these must be fully covered from top to bottom and this factor must be considered in their trimming. The trimming of hedges could be performed by hands manually but there are many kind of trimmer available in the market that could be used for various kind and size of hedges and the use of these equipment save you a lot more time and effort. It is important that if you use a tool for the trimming then you must choose the right tool.

A hedge has a certain shape and structure and sometimes when the hedge is not trimmed for quite a long time then the branches keep on growing in a random unorderly manner therefore when you go for the trimming of such kind hedges. It is best to first trim the bushes manually. This method helps you identify the straight line that could work as a guide line of the hedge and then you might use tools. When you get the shape of the guideline then you may add a guideline string that gives you idea about trimming. You can use number of guide strings according to the shape and design. Usually there are four strings which are used by the professional which is each one for top and bottom and each one for left and right. But if the hedge is very tall and you need to keep track of how much trimming you have done then you can make use of another string which is usually referred to as the interim string.

It is recommended to start the trimming from the top and then move down to the bottom. When the hedge is very tall you could make use of a ladder and you must be very careful with the use of the trimming tool. It must carefully and accurately maintain its balance and level with the hedge. After trimming the top then go to the sides and then the end. When you trim the hedge, it affects the growth of the bushes therefore it is highly recommended that you must provide a feed to these bushes at the very moment so that their growth could be resumed.

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