Do You Know How To Brush Your Kids Teeth?

When your kids are very small, taking care of them can be tiring. Once they become toddlers there is no need to look after them as much as when they were infants. But then starts new responsibilities; their teeth start to grow. Even though these teeth are replaced by permanent ones later, taking proper care of them is important as they can get infected and lead to a painful experience for your little one.

Brushing teeth

Even though they are small, their teeth must be brushed same as adult’s. Maybe not twice a day at the beginning, but at least once it should be done. There are “toothbrushes” designed especially for the toddlers which you can “wear” on a finger; that way, you can hold the little one with one hand and brush with the other. Nevertheless, when they grow, let them have a proper kids’ toothbrush and make it a habit to brush twice a day. If any kid is reluctant to do this, you can try the various colorful toothpaste and brushes available in the market to play away the actual task. If any issue occurs do not forget to talk to a dentist in Hawthorn in your area.

Once they grow up

Once they start getting permanent teeth, make sure you tell them about the importance of keeping them clean. Ask them to brush gently, buy them a soft bristled brush and teach them how to floss. Talk to them about the importance of having clean gums as well as teeth. Make sure they rinse out properly after they brush; some kids like the mint taste of the paste and do not rinse out in the right manner. If they are trying to not do this right, you can use an electric or battery-operated toothbrush to give them a novel experience. Do not be disinclined to ignore the use of braces if your kids’ teeth seem to be out of shape. Kids sometimes hate wearing braces as the popular norm is that they are “not cool”but make them understand it is better than a lifetime worth of dental surgery or irrecoverable damage.

General care

Always get to know and make your kids also understand about the general oral care. Even if they are small, you can tell them about the bad results of drinking too much coffee or smoking. Alcohol is not a friend of your teeth neither of the body. Be careful of any accidents they might have in the playground that may hurt their teeth. If something like that had occurred, see an emergency dentist Camberwell quickly. Be well-informed about oral cancer. Although it is likely to occur in people who are aged 40 or higher, there are no proof to say it is not contracted by kids. It can also appear in any part of the mouth or even in the throat. A healthy kid will be a strong adult. Make sure your kids are without any worries of being unwell.