Most Impressive Athletics World Records

Records are made to broke, this is the most inspiring and notable deep quotations, if one could feel it then definitely, he might be the next person who broke such record. Let’s assume, there were a generation of thousands of person and  only one person came forward and set an record in the particular sector, like to  run that miles far that no one in the past could even imagine to do that, apart from this imagine a person who is perfect  and have passion for swimming from his childhood and then he set the record for the best swimmer around the world. Only a or two persons dare to break the pervious settled record, but atlas they succeed, in order to get their milestone, so in this blogpost we are going to cover such athletics Wollongong achievements of some legends like    

Athletics milestones of great legends

A long jump mans

In 1991, Powell Lewis clash has set the record of the long jump of 8.95 meters. No one has been even dared to challenge the world record of Bob Beamon of incredible long jump of 8.90 meters, that he had set for about 23 years from now in the city of thin year Mexico. But as we have already mention that records are made to break, in 1991 there was a daunting competition set between Mike Powell and Carl Lewis. In that competition Lewis try and jumped for about 8.91 meters, whereas Powell win over Lewis and set the exemplary record of 8.95 meters.

The fastest man on the planet

It is impossible to write about the athletics world record without mentioning the fastest person of the earth. The Jamaican man and the ostentatious sprinter Usain Bolt have made the tremendous record in both 200 meters in 19.19 seconds and 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. This incredible athlete had set this record for the second time previously, in 2008 he has set the same record by Lowerin the time for the 200 meters. Prior to setting these records he has been actively participating in many athletics Olympics’ games. Moreover, he has set most of the shots in world champion ships in London.

Break of a most unbreakable record

The USA team of runners Allyson Felix, Bianca Knight, Tianna Madison and Carmelita Jeter, had erased the history of the records set in the women 4 x 100m relay. This incredible team has broken the incredible record that was set by the Canberra, and Australia. The most incredible and chest thumping record was set by the Dennis Kirprutto Kimetto, at about 2014. He has set the amazing record of completing the 42.195 km of race for about 2 hrs. 2 mins and 57 secs. Plus, this he had become the first marathoner by breaking the record of two hours and 3 mins. Most of the unbeatable marathoners win in Berlin.

Hence, these are some incredible and the most amazing records that were set by the legends of the history. Here the point to ponder is the sense of imagination of these incredible people that they think to break the almost impossible challenge, by their unbeatable and tough handwork.

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