It’s Better To Stay In Dark

Certainly there are some benefits of sunlight and environment outside us, such as through sunlight we receive a good quantity of Vitamin D (essential for our bone structure). Sunlight actually reduces the consumption of electricity. But of course everything has pros and cons and sometimes we need something to protect ourselves from the cons of few things. Hence in order to protect ourselves from the harms of rays and sunlight we have that facility of tinting the windows of our car. Tinting the car windows is quite essential in order to protect from the harms of sunlight. Let’s roll on to some prominent benefits as a result of car’s window tinting:

Reduce fading issue: This is true that the car you are driving is very expensive and an important aspect of life. Definitely a person’s life is dependent on the car (allows everyone to travel). It is pertinent to mention that the seat covers, dashboard, steering wheel, and overall interior of the car fades if continuous sunlight exposure is there. Hence tinting allows the protection of car interior from fading.

UV blockage: skin is also quite important and sunlight exposure contains excessive quantity of UV rays which surely harms the skin cells and may cause skin cancer. It is better to have window film of the car to 35% in order to completely protect the body skin (especially hands skin from UV rays exposure). In real there is no such cream or anything which can protect a human skin from the damage of UV rays and cancer. Hence for that reason we need something external i.e. tinting of glass.

AC performance: this has been proven by the latest study that a shady area increases the cooling effect of the AC up to 25% extra as compared to a place which is in sunlight or which is exposed to sunlight. So in enhance the performance of the car AC it’s better to opt the option of car tinting. It not only increases the chances of extra cooling but also creates an overall cooling effect in the car. Especially the hot climatic regions such as Egypt, UAE, Pakistan and India (where mostly the climate is hot) it’s better that every car must be tinted at least 35% in order to get the calm result.

Shattered glass protection: it has also been introduced in the field of tinting that; these days they tint to protect the glass itself, it has been proved that tinting helps to keep the glass together even after the hard contact and shattering.

Privacy and protection: above all tint provides the best option through which one can protect the privacy inside the car. It is better these days to go for full or atleast 35% tint in order to protect the car and the privacy.

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